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My mum will probably shout at me once she reads this for one reason.... Destiny linked me years back in time with Japan working for a group of Japanese restaurants in London, in which partly work and partly leisure, I had the chance or perhaps the “luck” to travel a lot to the country of the rising sun.
Don Panko
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I have always been very minimalist, so when discovering Japanese culture my understanding of the expression “less is more” boost all over my head when I star discovering the tiny restaurants from North to South in Japan, specialising in just one dish or one type of cuisine, ramen shops, curry and udon counters in the train stations, sushi restaurants, nabe houses, etc..

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We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. Don Panko Katsu House, Calle Maria de Guzman 45, Madrid 28003, SPAIN

T: +34 919 01 23 00

What People Are Saying

Even when dining alone, individuals in Japan often say “itadakimasu” as a personal acknowledgment and expression of gratitude. Feel free to pop in, take a seat and enjoy a true japanese experience.

The Japanese breaded cutlets that are successful in Madrid. Don Panko is the new reference place for lovers of the most popular Japanese cuisine specializing in them.
El Pais
Almudena Avalos
A place so authentic that even the Japanese who visit it look at each other and shout natsukashi, because what happens there tastes like home that, although far away, makes you feel good.
Macarena Escriva
Conde Nast Traveler
Now we have a splendid bar where they serve the most successful and addictive Japanese breaded cutlets in the country premium pork loin tonkatsu and rice from Toyama prefecture. Japanese whiskey at affordable prices
Gorka Elorrieta
Time Out Madrid
He makes it clear to us that he wants his to be that Japanese tavern outside the empire of the rising sun that has never been found: «I want diners to feel Japan. That's why a lot of Japanese and Asian people come." It even has the third collection of Japanese whiskey in Europe and the eighth in the world.
Tatiana Ferrandis
La Razon
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